Rotary compressors are usually more common than we think, however you are surely wondering what devices are used, what they are used for or what they really are, and if they have advantages to use them. Well, I tell you that you may find it in teams or places that you have less imagined, since its use is more common and necessary than we usually believe, so I would like to share the following article where I talk a little about this type of Compression mechanisms, their advantages and benefits.

What is a rotary compressor?

This is a type of cylindrical machine that contains a rotating mechanism with vanes, which causes the vanes to move in the middle of an engine to generate an air chamber space, through which the air that is compressed and sent to the extraction system.

Operation of a rotary compressor

The first rotary compressor created to refrigerate food and medicines

It is one of the compressors that works with lubrication, since its rotation is of high proportion, which generates friction that needs to be lubricated, to avoid friction and possible unfortunate events. It is common to see this type of mechanisms to operate refrigerators, refrigerators and appliances that change the temperature constantly and produce freezing.

History of rotary compressors

I tell you that the history of the rotary compressor dates back to the 19th century, when a Canadian named Charles Barnes patented it, this for the year 1874, due to the need to have to refrigerate the meats and other foods and beverages that due to its production volume was necessary to refrigerate, as well as the need to keep other items refrigerated such as medicines.

This type of air compression mechanism, emerges after the advances of the industrial revolution and is part of the demand made by modern homes in the big cities of the world, to keep home appliances that keep food refrigerated and safe, also began to be used by the agri-food industry to maintain seeds, crops, fisheries and livestock and other products.

The mechanism of this type of compressor was the one that impelled the investigation to develop the motors of the current air conditioners and to be able to air condition larger spaces, contributing in this way, modifications in the temperature that as humans we need in hot times and of strong summers, as well as in areas that are in tropical spaces that demand thermal modifications or air conditioning of spaces.

Rotary compressor operation

I explain that the operation of this type of mechanism is a bit complex and can be difficult to understand since its operation is more physical than chemical, so I will try to explain it to you in the simplest way possible. I tell you that this type of compressor works through the rotation of a rotor, which makes its movement within a component called a stator, which is the fixed element within the mechanism that produces the power or current necessary for operation; which is cylindrical in shape.

Parts of a rotary compressor

Rotary compressors are used in refrigeration systems

Once the rotor is rotating, it generates a centrifugal force inside the stator, which causes the vanes that are in the stator part to compress and generate individual mechanisms, that is, by compression vanes in the cavity or chamber between the stator and the rotating vanes.

All this rotation reduces the volume of the cells that are in the vanes, which increases the pressure of the air that the compressor admits, which is directed towards the exhaust area, and then be expelled towards the apparatus to which is connected, which produces a constant and fluid air operation, which modifies the temperature of the device or machine to which it is connected.

I tell you that this type of compressors usually produce high temperatures inside, due to the speed of rotation, which makes it necessary to receive some type of lubrication, since its high power can generate friction or heating and damage the equipment to the which is connected, therefore it is necessary to use special lubricants that regulate the temperature and improve the performance of the engine and its operation.

What are the components of a rotary compressor?

I tell you that due to its complexity of operation its operation depends on several components, which I detail in the following list:

  • Suction pipe, which is what allows your compressor to extract the amount of air or substance necessary for its operation
  • Discharge pipe, which is responsible for supplying compressed air for the operation of the device you need.
  • Electrical system, which makes your compressor work, since it provides the energy necessary for its operation.
  • Silencer, responsible for making your compressor can operate without producing annoying noises, and in ideal spaces.
  • Compression system, which is composed of the stator and rotor, which make your compressor can compress large amounts of air necessary to operate your equipment.
  • Compression chamber, which is responsible for regulating the air pressure needed by the machine or device to which it is connected.

Type of rotary compressors

I tell you that in the market you will find several types of compressors with this type of operation, here is a list of the most common ones that you will find:

  • Airtight, they are generally used to perform low demand tasks, since they do not generate much power.
  • Semi-hermetic, these, however, you can use for jobs that demand a little more power.
  • Open, which refers to open rotary mechanism compressors and are usually used for large power demands.
  • Piston rotors, which exert the same mechanism but their function is multiplied with the help of a piston, which functions as an internal combustion engine.
  • Spiral or scroll, it uses a spiral mechanism that increases that produces compression in its movement, and produces average volumes of air because its mechanism is regulated.

Advantages of using a rotary compressor

I inform you that this type of compressor offers you several advantages, especially if you need it to connect them to devices that demand its operation, whether in your company or in your home:

  • Small in size, which allows you to use it in spaces where other types of compressors cannot work.
  • Silent, which helps you to keep it in spaces where you need its operation but at the same time does not interfere with other activities.
  • Continuous air flow, which is ideal for the operation of your devices, since these require this type of operation to operate.
  • Easy maintenance, which makes it last for many years, being efficient and profitable.
  • Moderate pressures and air volumes, which means that you can use it with confidence in your devices since they will not produce excess pressure and consumption.
  • Low electricity consumption, which makes it possible for you to operate it with peace of mind and without worry.
 Rotary compressors and their operation

Know the compression system of a refrigerator

Disadvantage of using a rotary compressor

As you saw this type of compressors give you a good amount of advantages, however, it has a number of disadvantages, which I would like you to know and so you can make your decisions better:

  • Applicable only to refrigeration system, which means that it has the disadvantage that you cannot use it for another type of activity.
  • Complicated repairs, because if you suffer from any damage or damage the repair can be very expensive or even becoming a complete change.
  • Little versatility, which makes its use limited and difficult to compress.
  • Connection to high demand equipment, which makes it impossible for you, many times to connect it to less demanding equipment.
  • Once installed, it is usually difficult to transfer, which makes it dependent on the equipment to which it is connected.

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Well I hope this article on rotary compressors has helped you to know them better, and to know in which areas they are used, as well as if you are thinking about buying one, you already have clarity for what is usually useful, what I invite you to be clear What is your need and objective first and then be encouraged to compare it.